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Michiana Pickleball Club Membership Terms

If you are joining our pickleball club, please read the membership terms below. As a member of the Michiana Pickleball Club you must agree to the terms and conditions as set forth in the play waiver below.


1.1 All members are expected to pay the full annual fee according to the Club’s then prevailing annual membership fee as established each year. Fees for new members and members renewing membership are based on the prevailing full annual rate of that year.

1.2 Membership renewal fees are due on an annual basis and the Club will send notification by email to the membership as needed based on membership join date.  It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that renewal fees are paid by the due date. Non-receipt of renewal notification will not be accepted as a valid reason for failure to pay renewal fees.

1.3 The Club will send out membership information to members and will display information around the courts where court regulations allow. Members will be kept up to date with the latest Club information through the web site, the Club's Facebook page and by email whenever it seems appropriate. It is the responsibility of individual members to ensure that the contact information held on the Club's database is up to date at all times.

1.4 The Club does not offer payment holidays or refunds of fees unless under exceptional circumstances as determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Club's board members. This is because all members are expected to contribute to the year round maintenance and upkeep of the Club, regardless of how often and when they use the available benefits or facilities.

1.5 Members who have not paid renewal fees within one calendar month of the due date, will be deemed to have lapsed their membership and will not be entitled to use the Club's facilities or participate in club play or events such as club sponsored clinics, ladders or other Club sponsored play. Members wishing to rejoin will be required to pay a full year subscription.

1.6 Auto-renew membership subscriptions that are declined when renewal was processed must be remedied as outlined above in section 1.5. Members  with an automatic renewal that is declined will be notified via email that the transaction was declined and will be responsible for a remedy in a timely manner as outlined in section 1.5. If the member has previously canceled a recurring membership authorization, a new auto-renew membership must be purchased to re-instate paid membership.

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